charis high academy


  1. Every student must carry his/her almanac and identity card to school everyday.
  2. Students who come to school on their own should arrive at school before the bell rings.
  3. All boys (except Sikhs) must keep their hair short. Spiky hair is not allowed. Girls must tie their hair neatly back with a school ribbon (Blue).
  4. No books (other than text books or library books), magazine or papers should be brought to the school.
  5. Lending or borrowing money or other articles among students is strictly prohibited.
  6. Students who are escorted back by their escort after school cannot leave school before the escort arrives. In case of delay, they should report to the school office. Students are not allowed to come driving their own vehicle.
  7. Students who are found using unfair means during test/exams shall be declared to have “failed” in that particular subject.
  8. Students are not allowed to bring tetra packed and aerated drinks to the school.
  9. Students coming to school without prescribed uniform, might be sent back home.
  10. The school gate will remain closed after the first bell till the school hours are over. No student will be allowed to enter into the school campus once the gate is closed.
  11. Damage done to the school property shall be made good or replaced by the concerned students.
  12. Any student found guilty of the following offences will be expelled from the school without notice: using! peddling narcotic drugs, chewing pan/supari/tobacco and betel nut, smoking, using dendrite/ related substances, consumption of alcoholic drinks, misbehaving with school staff or the opposite sex in class rooms and in the school premises.
  13. The school reserves the right to suspend the students whose conduct is harmful to other students, and/or detrimental to the school’s welfare/ reputation.
  14. Girls are not allowed to use cosmetics like lipstick, nail polish, eye colors etc and their skirt must cover the knee.
  15. In addition to the above rules, the school may add and enforce other rules deemed suitable for the smooth running of the school.

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